Nick Vogt
Professional web development and programming.


A blazing fast, free, and private image host.
R-Evolution Industries
Interactive promotional merchandise web platform.
Web development, programming, and gaming blog.
Harbor Marine
Website for a large marine and outdoor company.
Solar Prophecy
Electronic music production (trance, house, techno).


Risk-like hexagonal turn-based strategy game. (HTML5, JavaScript, Canvas)
Shooter 1
Top-down shooter RPG-like game. (HTML5, JavaScript, Canvas)
Platformer 2
Side-scrolling platformer game. (HTML5, JavaScript, Canvas)
Roguelike 3
Endless top-down shoot em' up game. (HTML5, JavaScript, Canvas)
Sol Galaxia
Mission-based top-down space shooter RPG. (ActionScript 3, Flash)

Chrome Extensions

Auto History Wipe
Automatically deletes the browsing history of Chrome.
Blank New Tab Page With Bookmarks
Replaces the New Tab page with a blank one with Bookmarks Bar.
Blank New Tab Page
Replaces the New Tab page with a blank one.
No Google Doodle
Replaces Google Doodles with the default Google Logo.


YouTube Downloader
Downloads YouTube videos in MP4 format.
CSS Minifier
Minifies CSS without compression.
JavaScript Minifier
Minifies JavaScript without compression.
JSON Minifier
Minifies JSON (JavaScript Object Notation).
WPM Test
Quick words-per-minute (WPM) typing test.
Get the current Unix timestamp.
Get the MD5, SHA-256, and SHA-512 hash of any input string.
HTML Character Codes
A list of HTML special character codes & Windows shortcuts.
MySQL Data Types
Simple MySQL field data types & storage requirements list.